Renew your wardrobe with five key items

Renew your wardrobe

Changing up your style doesn’t have to be expensive or require a complete replacement of your wardrobe. Something as simple as wearing a statement accessory can make a big difference to your look. Whether you have a clothing budget or not, there are always ways to reimagine your personal style and give it a refreshing boost.

Here are five ways to revamp your wardrobe; some cheap options and some that let you dabble in some retail therapy.

  1. Classic blazer – a clean and well-fitted blazer can be quite a versatile item to have and everyone should own one. From cocktail dinners to any day in the office, classic blazers are smart, sophisticated and flattering. They are perfect for business meetings, dinner dates and any occasion where you need to dress to impress.
  2. Chic sweater – we’re not talking about an oversized knitted jersey (although those are comfortable and casual). A chic sweater is a great item to utilise in the transition from summer to winter, as it slowly starts to cool down. They can be timeless and stylish when paired with the right outfit, inspiring confidence but looking casual at the same time.
  3. Old clothing – As style is a fluctuating and fluid concept, some trends return after years of hiatus. Everyone has some old clothes in their closet that may become trendy once again, so do some digging and see what you can find that will breathe some life back into your look. From old-fashioned sunglasses to that 80s jumpsuit, there may be something lurking in the shadows of your wardrobe that has made a fashionable comeback.
  4. Bold necklace – a statement piece of jewellery is a great way to add extra personality and flair to an outfit. Think bright beads or eye-catching designs that will attract attention. Bold necklaces don’t have to be expensive either, there are plenty of ways to make your own one at home. Luckily, in South Africa, we also have a ton of curio shops and little stores that sell beaded jewellery and big necklaces that hardly cost anything.
  5. Bright lipstick – as is the case with bold jewellery, something as simple as lipstick colour can make a big difference. Try out a new shade of ruby or peach that will pop against your outfit. Playing with lipstick colours can be fun and inspiring, so don’t be shy.

As winter approaches, the summer clothes get shifted to the back of the closet in favour of warmer garments. By utilising blazers, sweaters and more layers in your outfits, you’ll feel refreshed and renewed from last year’s look. Play around with your current wardrobe and try new combinations. If you can identify gaps in your outfit where something new would work well (like an accessory or new shoes) then go buy them. Treat yourself once in a while if it makes you feel on top of your game.


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  2. […] Renew your wardrobe with five key items […]

  3. […] Renew your wardrobe with five key items […]