The nation was swept away by the latest superhero movie to hit the circuit in mid-February. Black Panther broke box office records and the movie was only outdone by the inspiring outfits at the red carpet premieres.

On the opening night of the most anticipated movie for 2018, attendees across the country went all-out with their traditional attire. Celebrities and movie fanatics alike stole the show on the red carpet with beaded necklaces, bold prints and some of the most stylish incorporations of culture into garments that have been seen in recent years.

Here are a few images from premieres across the country:


Black Panther is the first superhero movie to feature an all-black cast. The story follows T’Challa (Black Panther) as he returns to his home, Wakanda, to take his place on the throne. He is challenged by a powerful enemy, Killmonger, which puts the entire nation in danger.

The movie took inspiration from a variety of African cultures, using traditional elements of dress from even the smallest of African countries. Costumes included elements from the following cultures; Zulu headdresses, lip plates from the Mursi and Surma tribes in Ethiopia, Ndebele neck rings, Igbo masks, Basotho blankets, Tuareg scarfs and entire outfits from the Maasai, Dogon and Himba tribes.

With such a rich on-screen presence of culture, it is no wonder that attendees paid homage to their roots on the red carpet.


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