Some Background Info

Trip Handbags & Accessories launched in 2006. It is based in Cape Town, South Africa, and run by owner and designer Susan Didcott.

Trip handbags are her own original designs inspired by beautiful fabrics and leather with simple, functional styling for everyday use.


Trip Clothing & Accessories

Trip has since morphed into Trip Clothing & Accessories, with the addition of a range of African print clothing.

Using brightly coloured and bold African prints, our clothing reflects the warm climate of the continent.  The garments are wearable and versatile, yet striking!

They speak to those who are proud of their African heritage and want to flaunt it; and to those visitors that may have come and experienced something beautiful.

trip genuine leather sling with cross stitch bokkie
vest and shorts
African print shorts and halter top

All products are carefully handmade in limited quantities, right here in Cape Town.

Using small factories dotted around the city, the brand strives to support local manufacturing (with people we genuinely like), in a sustainable way to keep local fashion skills alive.  

We attempt to fulfil a zero-waste policy as far as possible!

glue pot
detail canvas and leather wristlet

The brand celebrates all things beautifully handcrafted and is aimed at those who recognise quality, appreciate functionality and enjoy being individual.

All products are made to last and to stand the test of time, in both their make-up and their styling.  

Great care is taken to offer unique styling, coupled with 'old fashioned' values in manufacturing.  

Materials are locally-sourced and preference is always given to using local fabrics and textiles if available.

Below are some images of the various small factories around Cape Town that produce clothing and accessories for Trip. Pictured below is a Fair Trade accredited factory outside Masiphumele, where most of the clothing and some of the cloth bags are produced.

we made your clothes
who made your clothes
we made your clothes
we made your clothes

These two hard-working individuals (pictured below) work from a garage in Strandfontien Village, producing many of the bags.

we made your bag
we made your bags
we made your bags

About the designer

Susan has been sewing and making things since she was 16-years-old, when she started experimenting on her mother’s old hand-crank Singer machine with fabrics purchased by the kilo from mounds of ‘anti-waste’, which was sold in Fordsburg, Johannesburg.

old singer sewing machine


As well as a lifetime of sewing, she has worked in the film industry as a wardrobe stylist for more than 20 years. 

For the last few years, she has been teaching sewing to teenagers at a Waldorf High School in her area.

She has followed a lifetime passion for beautiful fabrics, garments and handcraft techniques.

sewing susan