2018 African fashion trends

What looks and styles will take off this year, filtering down from African high fashion to the mainstream clothing industry? African fashion has grown in popularity recently, with more A-list celebrities from the United States opting to wear African-inspired prints and accessories. African fabrics and beauty products are growing industries across the globe, from usage…

House of St Luke - Simon Deiner / SDR Photo

Top trends from SA Menswear Week

House of St Luke – Simon Deiner / SDR Photo The South African Menswear Week (SAMW) saw designers showcasing their 2018 autumn/winter lines in the second week of February. Bold and brash catalogues were the order of the day as many of the designers went for powerful and daring aesthetics. Activism and social issues were…

Renew your wardrobe

Renew your wardrobe with five key items

Changing up your style doesn’t have to be expensive or require a complete replacement of your wardrobe. Something as simple as wearing a statement accessory can make a big difference to your look. Whether you have a clothing budget or not, there are always ways to reimagine your personal style and give it a refreshing…

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