Movement to wear local labels gains traction

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The Wear SA Fashion Festival is gaining popularity through its #IWearSA movement that aims to promote local brands. The festival hopes to boost the South African clothing and textile industry by encouraging people to buy more local labels from South African designers, retailers and manufacturers. The festival runs in conjunction with SA Fashion Week and…

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Recycle your unwanted clothing

Think twice before simply throwing out your old and unwanted clothing. Donating items that you no longer wear gives your garments twice the lifespan and is a great way to give to those less fortunate and in need. There are dozens of charity shops, NGO’s and shelters in the city, such as St Annes Homes,…

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Can the fashion industry be sustainable?

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Fashion trends come and go as quickly as the seasons and styles change on a monthly basis. All of this requires new designs and materials, which can take its toll on the environment. So, can the fashion industry be sustainable? It is estimated that by 2030, the fashion industry will need 50% more water, its…

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The Ugandan Fashion Industry

While Uganda continues to struggle with systemic challenges facing the fashion industry, it still remains one of the most active and thriving sectors in the country. The number one challenge still facing the industry continues to be the based around the myth that imported clothing, commonly known as “mivumba” in Uganda, means better quality. Figures…

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