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Movement to wear local labels gains traction

The Wear SA Fashion Festival is gaining popularity through its #IWearSA movement that aims to promote local brands. The festival hopes to boost the South African clothing and textile industry by encouraging people to buy more local labels from South African designers, retailers and manufacturers. The festival runs in conjunction with SA Fashion Week and…

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Recycle your unwanted clothing

Think twice before simply throwing out your old and unwanted clothing. Donating items that you no longer wear gives your garments twice the lifespan and is a great way to give to those less fortunate and in need. There are dozens of charity shops, NGO’s and shelters in the city, such as St Annes Homes,…

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Celebrities who rocked Ankara

With films like Black Panther smashing box office records, African print has taken the fashion world by storm. Ankara is now globally accepted and even celebrated as a symbol of pride and elite fashion. Here are a six Hollywood stars that have elegantly embraced and totally rocked African Ankara print fabric: Beyonce Knowles Queen Bey…

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African head wrap styles

African head wraps are one of the most versatile of all fashion accessories. According to PBS, “Head wraps originated in various parts of Africa, particularly in West Africa.” Over the years head wraps have gone from “an object of oppression” to “a vehicle of empowerment and a memento of freedom.” Today, absolutely everyone is wearing…

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African designer promotes ethical fashion at London Fashion Week

Euphemia-Ann Sydney-Davies

It’s a classic tale of making waves in the industry. Euphemia-Ann Sydney-Davies fled Sierra Leone at the height of the civil war as a child refugee. Now she is leading the way for ethical fashion at the London Fashion Week. The designer showcased a fantastic three-piece suit made from Ghanaian cloth at a fashion event…

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What’s in store for SA’s clothing stores?

The future of local clothing retailers is looking positive, despite facing stiff competition from multinational brands. The same cannot be said for retailers abroad as new technologies have led to the possibility of e-commerce and automated delivery. This is the view held by Brett Kaplan, a retail consultant, during a talk he gave at the…

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Top fashion brands in hot water for cultural appropriation

The Maasai own the intellectual property to their cultural prints and patterns © Harvey Barrison

The Maasai’s range of blue-and-red checkered prints are their intellectual property © Harvey Barrison. The red and blue checkered prints of the Maasai are a key cultural signature of the Tanzania- and Kenya-based ethnic group. These prints have long been used on the runways and in the collections of top fashion brands such as Ralph…

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A-list celebrities turn to Ivorian stylist

Jenke Ahmed Tailly styles A-list celebrities ©

Jenke Ahmed Tailly with Naomi Campbell © Hollywood’s most glamourous and influential celebrities, including Beyoncé and Kanye West, are turning to an Ivorian stylist for their garments. Jenke Ahmed Tailly, from Cote d’Ivoire, is using his African heritage to inspire his eye-catching clothing and the attention of A-list celebrities. Previously working as a model, Tailly…

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Top African Print Styles of 2018

African-inspired fashion has taken the world by storm this year. With the blockbuster sensation, Black Panther, transforming the fashion landscape and bringing African pride into the light, many celebrities both locally and internationally are now making fabulous fashion statements with outfits that show off the best of African print style. In 2018, we’ve seen beautiful…

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Ways to incorporate African-style dress into your wardrobe

African-print is the hottest thing in fashion right now and best of all, it’ll never go out of style. Here are a few ways to incorporate African fabrics into your everyday wear as well as dressing it up for formal occasions or at the office. African Print Tops Trip’s slit top is perfect for dressing…

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