A-list celebrities turn to Ivorian stylist

Jenke Ahmed Tailly styles A-list celebrities ©FashionGhana.com

Jenke Ahmed Tailly with Naomi Campbell ©FashionGhana.com Hollywood’s most glamourous and influential celebrities, including Beyoncé and Kanye West, are turning to an Ivorian stylist for their garments. Jenke Ahmed Tailly, from Cote d’Ivoire, is using his African heritage to inspire his eye-catching clothing and the attention of A-list celebrities. Previously working as a model, Tailly…

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2018 African fashion trends

What looks and styles will take off this year, filtering down from African high fashion to the mainstream clothing industry? African fashion has grown in popularity recently, with more A-list celebrities from the United States opting to wear African-inspired prints and accessories. African fabrics and beauty products are growing industries across the globe, from usage…

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