What’s in store for SA’s clothing stores?

who made your clothes

The future of local clothing retailers is looking positive, despite facing stiff competition from multinational brands. The same cannot be said for retailers abroad as new technologies have led to the possibility of e-commerce and automated delivery. This is the view held by Brett Kaplan, a retail consultant, during a talk he gave at the…

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Top fashion brands in hot water for cultural appropriation

The Maasai own the intellectual property to their cultural prints and patterns © Harvey Barrison

The Maasai’s range of blue-and-red checkered prints are their intellectual property © Harvey Barrison. The red and blue checkered prints of the Maasai are a key cultural signature of the Tanzania- and Kenya-based ethnic group. These prints have long been used on the runways and in the collections of top fashion brands such as Ralph…

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A-list celebrities turn to Ivorian stylist

Jenke Ahmed Tailly styles A-list celebrities ©FashionGhana.com

Jenke Ahmed Tailly with Naomi Campbell ©FashionGhana.com Hollywood’s most glamourous and influential celebrities, including Beyoncé and Kanye West, are turning to an Ivorian stylist for their garments. Jenke Ahmed Tailly, from Cote d’Ivoire, is using his African heritage to inspire his eye-catching clothing and the attention of A-list celebrities. Previously working as a model, Tailly…

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Ways to incorporate African-style dress into your wardrobe

African-print is the hottest thing in fashion right now and best of all, it’ll never go out of style. Here are a few ways to incorporate African fabrics into your everyday wear as well as dressing it up for formal occasions or at the office. African Print Tops Trip’s slit top is perfect for dressing…

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Interview with Trip owner and designer Susan Didcott

susan didcott

Trip Handbags began in 2006, but has recently morphed into Trip Clothing & Accessories to incorporate a range of clothing, as well as the bags.  It is a small company based in Cape Town, South Africa run by owner and designer Susan Didcott. Trip handbags and clothing are of her own original design, she is…

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